How to Use Sentence Samurai

Sentence Samurai has been carefully developed by teachers and published authors to support teachers in modelling how to develop well-structured and interesting sentences. Modelling writing and showing pupils how to construct a sentence from an initial idea or concept is extremely important if they are to become confident, independent writers.

Sentence Samurai takes standard age related sentences that would initially be written by pupils and expands them, step by step using age-related spelling, punctuation and grammar expectations. See the National Curriculum page to see how Sentence Samurai models and meets the writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar needs of the National Curriculum. The most incredible thing about the Sentence Samurai website, is that it is extremely simple to use as a modelling tool or for pupils to use independently in sentence level lessons.

The website contains 60 sentences spread across 6 levels of increasing difficulty. Simply select the year group you wish to access

Subscribed users will have full access to every year group and the sentences within. Non subscribed users will have access to sentence 1 in every year group.

  • Grasshopper - Year 1
  • Shinobi - Year 2
  • Warrior - Year 3
  • Samurai - Year 4
  • Assassin - Year 5
  • Grand Master - Year 6

Once inside your chosen level you will discover 10 sentences to explore. Each sentence will have a word that is coloured blue, this word can be pressed to expand the sentence. The blue word is a word that has been identified that can either be expanded on in greater detail or specificity, or would benefit from a more varied word choice. Below, a new expanded or enhanced sentence will appear. There will now be a section of the sentence that appears red. This is the part of the sentence that has been added.Pupils will quickly understand how their initial ideas can be be expanded to create well-structured and interesting sentence, like a true Grand Master.