National Curriculum

Sentence Samurai has been carefully developed by experienced teachers, with a strong understanding of the National Curriculum’s expectations within writing, spelling punctuation and grammar. The core focus of the app is to develop teacher’s and pupil’s understanding of how sentences can effectively expanded, detail added and cohesion improved. But in order to do this pupils require and inherent understanding and control of the grammatical features and conventions of each year group. Sentence Samurai has been developed to match the sentence level, grammar, punctuation and spelling expectations of each year group, allowing users to explicitly model and discuss each convention as it arises and allows a sentence to expand in detail.

Curriculum: Even more impressive is the fact that all Sentence Samurai sentences have been created with the wider National Curriculum in mind. Each sentence has been created to match the writing expectations of each year group, cover suggested text types and genres, as well as referring to the wider curriculum and foundation subjects. This means that even whilst modelling writing expectations, teachers can continue to impart knowledge and embed core knowledge which is demanded by the National Curriculum. This will be more relevant than ever from September 2019, when the inspection focus for schools will swing more towards the wider curriculum and away from end of key stage data outcomes.

Punctuation and Grammar: All sentences found within Sentence Samurai have been created with the punctuation and grammar expectations of the National Curriculum in mind. As we know, for pupils to be able to expand sentences in detail, we need coherence, and so pupils must use the correct punctuation and grammar. Associated conjunctions, verbs, fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, embedded and relative clauses, past and present tenses and much, much more.

Spelling: Sentence Samurai has specifically focused on word choices and the exact role they can play in the expansion of sentences. Creating a show not tell mentality within a pupils writing. Furthermore, Sentence Samurai has ensured that spelling rules found within each year group have been adhered to and used to ensure that teachers can engage in active learning conversations about the desired spelling rule. As we move into KS2, statutory word list spellings have been actively placed in appropriate sentences to ensure pupils see these core spellings in context.